Malfy Gin

Established in 1906, Malfy gin is produced in Moncalieri, Italy, a region known for wine and other spirits. The Torino Distallati is run by the Vergnano family who are very passionate about producing only the finest gin.

This gin “screams” citrus and WOW it can easily be enjoyed on the rocks. I did a comparison with Gordon’s and there is certainly a level of luxury that is hard to miss. The botanicals and citrus flavours burst in your mouth, enhancing your gin experience with every sip.

Italian juniper berries are used along with five other botanicals, including coriander, Angelica bark, Cassia Bark, giving this gin that refreshing bite.

Italians are passionate about their citrus fruit, it’s prominent in many of their dishes from savoury to sweet. Travelers come from all over the world to see the beautiful, bright landscape, some even to join in with the picking seasons. I certainly would love to travel around Italy picking fruit, and eating pizza of course!!!

Malfy gin uses a combination of coastal grown lemons, some from Amalfi and some from Sicily. This adds a fresh and zesty aroma to their botanical bottles of goodness.

Malfy Gin+ Kombucha Tea

I am a huge fan of making my own kombucha tea as the health benefits speak for themselves. I flavoured this particular batch with citrus peels (grapefruit,lemon and lime), citrus slices and lemon grass. This made a refreshing combination for a hot, sunny day and is of course a healthy alternative to tonic water or other mixers. Yum!

Malfy Gin+ Rosetta Africa Coffee+ Tonic

A good cup of coffee often turns an impossible day into a breeze. A cup of coffee can now turn from your morning comforting brew, into your afternoon relaxing sundowner.

Add Ice to your glass, add a tot of Malfy gin, top up with half filter coffee that’s cooled completely and tonic water. Serve with a slice of lemon. Alternatively you could add a shot of espresso instead of filter coffee, and top up with tonic water. Use your IMAGINATION 🙂 Coffee is always a winner, in every shape and form.

Malfy Gin+ Cranberry syrup and herbs

This was a little pink cup of PRETTY… Malfy gin, cranberry syrup (so easy to make), tonic and herbs (Mint+thyme). This combination was interesting and delightful. A must try!

For some of their own combinations check out:

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