Deneys Swiss Dairy

Photo by Deneys
Photo by Deneys

Deneys Swiss dairy is a family owned farm and business that are truly passionate in the products they produce. With a gorgeous herd of SA dairy Swiss cows that produce the creamiest milk, their products are bound to be a cut above the rest. They take great care in quality control and only the highest standards are accepted. I was lucky enough to taste their entire range which consists of full cream milkshakes, full cream eating yoghurts, full cream drinking yoghurts and their new non carbonated cool drinks.

full cream milkshakes


I have always been a huge fan of milkshakes, generally any flavor goes! I am one of those people that would have no problem drinking milkshakes for breakfast given the opportunity, assuming I had an endless supply of course!!!

After unpacking the entire range into my fridge, I was in a bit of a panic. I looked at all the vibrant glass bottles staring back at me and for the life of me couldn’t decide where I would start and what I would taste first.

I figured that sharing a milkshake with my hubby every evening after dinner would mean we both got to taste all the flavors. When it comes to milkshake flavors I generally go for strawberry, bubblegum, banana and on occasion chocolate. Tasting the strawberry and bubblegum in this range compared to other brands, I have to say that these full cream milkshakes really are superior. The flavors are spot on and the consistency adds that level of luxury most store bought milkshakes lack. They are packaged in glass bottles which to me is a bonus on it’s own as I would certainly re-use these bottles.

I cannot fault any of the milkshakes, my favourite one being the lime as it’s not a very common flavor in milkshakes. My husband of course loved the Swiss chocolate and white chocolate. Overall I would have trouble deciding on which one to buy next time I’m at the shops. All I can say is pleeeeeeeaze make a banana one, that would be so great.

Available Flavors: heavenly lime, bubblegum gelato, caramello creme, don pedro, iced cappuccino, strawberry ice, swiss chocolate and white chocolate.

gold range- eating yoghurt

Eating Yoghurt

These little eating yoghurts are a real gem. Cute little glass jars, perfect portion sizes and “full cream” make for a killer combination. These were easy to pop into my lunchbox for work and I would imagine them to be ideal for kids to take to school.

The flavors were all your classic options that I have seen in other brands, except they didn’t taste like they were pumped with unnatural sugars and ingredients. They were creamy and bursting with fruit. I unfortunately didn’t taste the plain one as I would love to compare it to the Woolworths full cream yoghurt. I will definitely be looking out for it at the shops next time and keep you posted as to what I think.

Available flavors: cherry, fruit cocktail, mixed fruit, peach, strawberry and plain.

drinking yoghurt

Drinking Yoghurt

I am not usually too keen on drinking yoghurts as they are usually packed with so many sugars leaving me starving instead of full. I know you would say the same about milkshakes but they are a treat whereas a drinking yoghurt is a snack and should serve a purpose.

The Deneys range of drinking yoghurts are all full cream, served in clear plastic bottles for the consumer to admire but most importantly to see what the product looks like. They are so thick that it helps to have plastic containers so that every last drop can be squeezed out.

I have also added half a bottle of this drinking yoghurt to my favourite smoothie with some added oats, making this into a meal. I have my ice- cream machine in the freezer and am going to attempt to freeze the drinking yoghurt into a frozen yoghurt. The options could be endless with a little creativity.

Available flavours: banana creme, creme brulee, granadilla parfait, midnight cherry, strawberries& cream, strawberry swirl and toffee caramello.

Frya cold drinks

Frya Front

The Frya non carbonated cool drinks were colourful, inviting and I was eager to see how they would fit into the Deneys range. I would think they not healthy but upon looking at the nutritional info on their site I was completely shocked to see how low in calories they were. (all nutritional info on each product is available to see on their site).

The cherry pop is such a fun flavor, it tastes exactly like those red suckers we all ate as children and some of us still eat now. The lemonade and lemon iced tea were very refreshing and not as sweet as I would have expected. They were very pleasant on the palate.

Available flavors: cherry pop, pink lemonade and lemon iced tea

The Deneys Swiss Dairy range is a luxurious range and I am a huge fan. The bottles are so pretty, making it the perfect choice for functions like weddings, baby showers, birthday parties (including adults), and could be really fun to use as a gender reveal photo shoot.

They have many stockists around the country, making it easy to get your fix!

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