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For our 3rd year wedding anniversary my husband and I decided to go away for the weekend for some much needed R&R. Having 3 furry children often means that I want to take them with on a little adventure. I did some googling and found a few suitable matches, but my hubby stumbled on Tugela River Lodge which we both agreed to book.

We got horribly lost on the way, thanks to my iPhone I might add, but eventually due to my husband’s patience we got onto the correct path and finally arrive an hour and a half later.

The Hideaway is rustic and self- catering. It needs a little maintenance but is clean and comfortable. We had views of the Tugela river and everything we needed for a stress-free quiet weekend. The property is fenced, although my chihuahuas were able to get through the gaps. The couple who run the lodge were very friendly and said it was something they would definitely rectify. This unit sleeps 6 ppl (1 queen and 4 singles), it is run completely on solar power and gas.

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We were spoilt by some amazing local businesses that sponsored us some wonderful treats for our special weekend.


The Bizoe Estalet was the perfect wine to celebrate our anniversary. The bottle was beautifully wrapped, with a saying that took me back to the moment I met my husband.

” Love is a feeling you feel when you feel a feeling you have never felt before. You can’t recall the moment, the surroundings or even the time, but the love of that first kiss will remain the best feeling ever.”

This artisanal wine is not only luxurious, but the winemaker Rikus Neethling takes a hands on approach to creating something truly special. His wines have been creating impressions all over the world, but all the way back here in South Africa, it made a simple young couple’s anniversary very special.

The Henrietta was fruity and refreshing with a soft aftertaste, while the Estalet was bold, smooth and with deep cherry notes. We could really taste the cherry, so different but we thoroughly enjoyed it.


These scrumptious, wholesome hand-baked biscuits were a real hit. They were beyond moreish, resulting in the two of us polishing off 4 packets in 2 days. For someone that loves to bake myself, I have to say that I highly approve, (I might need to do another “tasting” just to confirm the goodness). These yummy treats are preservative free and made with only the best ingredients, including free range eggs, Madagascan vanilla extract and stone-ground flour.

Their biscuits are full of love, waiting to create memories for all those special occasions with loved ones. The Biscuitry specialises in all sorts of cookies, biscuits, rusks and biscotti. They even make personalized iced cookies in any theme for birthdays, weddings or corporate gifts.


Made from naturally organic bamboo fibre, these cups are BPA and phthalate free. They are light with fully-resealable ‘drip-proof’ lid’s, sterile and best of all it won’t change the flavour of your chosen drink. It is dishwasher safe and will last you many years if you look after them nicely.

Why contribute to the 1 billion single-use coffee cups that are thrown into land fills each year? Rather have a look at their range, pick out something that suits your personality, take it with you wherever you go and spread the word. I love my Ecoffee cup, I have used it so many times and it has made me more aware of our environment and how we need to all work hard to take care of our beautiful earth.

Ecoffee Cup


Cheese boards are the highlight of any bush holiday. Graceland‘s were generous and sent us on our holiday with feta, jalapeno cheddar, German cheddar, mozzarella and Gorgonzola cheese. I loved the jalapeno, while my hubby raved over the Gorgonzola. Graceland cheese will impress even the fussiest cheese expert. Good quality ingredients, love for what you create, this is a recipe for exceptional products that taste top notch.

 All Graceland Natural Dairy Products are made from raw, A-Grade milk produced by pasture fed cows. Only vegetarian rennet is used in the production of the cheeses and a 4-strain probiotic culture is added in the production of our natural yoghurt.

We were also given two tubs of yoghurt for our morning muesli. The Greek and the natural. My favorite being the thick and creamy Greek, but the natural was light and pleasant on the palate. I am now a huge fan of this yoghurt and will be buying this for our household from now on.

No preservatives, stabilizers or any other additives are added to the products. 

Overall, we had a much needed relaxing weekend and so did our “children”. If these aren’t happy faces I’m not sure what is?

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