I received this beautiful porcelain gem a few month’s ago, but have been completely swamped with work to actually give it a go! It had sadly become a pretty little addition to my old wooden server until I finally decided, enough was enough.

The Aggcodler is not yet in our South African households but it will be in no time I’m sure. I have been very lucky to possibly be one of the first in SA to try out this very handy kitchen invention. What exactly is the Aggcoddler??How does it work?? Well simply watch below:

Please note: Video above was created by the Aggcoddler team themselves.

Winter days in Durban have been magnificent, intense blue skies and virtually no wind. I decided to make a simple yet tasty breakfast using the Aggcoddler, without any fuss or mess.

I know there are a huge variety of recipes out there using the Aggcoddler and I still intend to create one or two of my own, but this particular day was purely for testing it’s “egg cooking abilities”.

I chopped a few garden herbs, grated some cheese, drenched cherry tomatoes in balsamic and went about cooking my egg as per instructions. Served with Woolworths carbclever seeded crackers I proceeded to take a few photos before stuffing my face. The egg was “coddled” to perfection, making this a start of a new Aggcoddler romance.

And they lived happily ever after,

The End.

Oh no!! believe me this is just the beginning…

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  1. Wow! Your blog is awesome – I love it! And that aggcoddler… well, I think I’ve only ever seen those on MasterChef; that looks like a lot of fun… hopefully we see some here in SA soon.

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