Cape Town Burger Bliss


Strange name? Well this place is just awesome in every respect! The name rocks, the music rocks, the concept rocks and golly gosh do the burgers rock. The name initially grabbed me as it was strange yet hilarious, upon doing more research I realized there was even more mystery to this joint.

The Dog's Bollocks Street View

This quirky hidden gem is nestled in an alley way between two buildings in Roodehek road. Nigel the creator of this kickass establishment opens at 5pm daily and only serves 50 burgers. We literally rushed there to make sure we were close to the front of the line, as missing out was out of the question. There are no waiters and the menu is written on a blackboard for you to drool over while trying to decide what tickles your fancy. Our name was written on the board, sort of a queuing system, when your name is called out you go and place your order with the way you would like it done.

The burgers are messy, gigantic and the kind that leaves you with that “walk of shame feeling”.

The Dog's Bollocks

So head over there, kick back with a bottle of wine, your monstrous burgers, good company and leave all your nonsense behind.


We were introduced to this charming little restaurant whilst in Cape Town our second time around. We had a table reserved upstairs with a view of the live act that was performing that evening. Candle light, amazing service, family and an ambiance that made it a very memorable evening.

I opted for the sliders so that I could have a little taster of each burger option as it was tough deciding on only one.

The burgers went down a treat, the wine kept flowing and the chatting continued non stop. Our table needs were seen too and our glasses magically refilled themselves. I was very impressed, making it one of my favourite spots in Cape Town if you looking for that something extra.


Having my brother and sister in law living in the most vibey food city in South Africa (I’m a little biased) means that each Cape Town trip comes with a whole new food journey.

After a morning hike we were starving and wanted to go somewhere casual yet a place that served yummy food. The menu is simple, the staff relaxed and the seating area social. We put our orders in, burgers and sides separately, with an iced tea to wash it down. I was feeling a little fitter from the morning walk and decided against ordering a milkshake which i sadly regret. Burgers and milkshakes have always been a match made in heaven.

The quality of the burgers were high, the chips in a bowl were moreish and the portion size left us all very satisfied. The decor is very trendy, leaving you lost in thought while looking around. A lasting impression was made and I will swiftly return on my next trip.

Easy Tiger Burger

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