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There is a new curry place in town and all I can say is finally! My curry fix usually depends on me taking a drive down to Durban as I am a complete snob when it comes to spicy food.

Situated in the Link Hills centre in Waterfall, it’s ideal location makes it easy for me to do some weekly shopping after putting in an order for take away.

The cuisine is Northern Indian and it’s unlike any curry I have ever tasted! Don’t get me wrong I’m obsessed with an authentic Durban curry but this is a welcomed change. Co-owned by Kuldeep Singh and Deepak Sharmah who are both from India themselves.

I was treated to butter chicken, veg jalfrezi, rice, sambals, garlic naan and poppadoms. I was in absolute heaven! I cannot express how much care goes into these curries but the 20min wait should be an indication enough as the meals are freshly prepared.

I have had butter chicken a few times in the past but not as authentic as what Gate of India serves. The chicken is cooked in an exotic clay oven, deboned and then cooked in an onion, tomato cream sauce and seasoned with imported spices. I ordered it medium-hot, that’s exactly what I got and I must say butter chicken with a bite is something special.

Veg Jalfrezi

The veg jalfrezi (vegeterian) consists of fresh vegetables cooked in onions, pepper, tomato and jalfrezi masala. The vegetables were fresh and the spices foreign to me. At that moment I thought of how exciting it would be to come back each time and order a different curry. There are so many options on the menu, it could be quite fun.

The last bit of advice I have for you:

  • Order their naan bread, it’s huge and compliments the dishes beautifully.
  • They don’t serve pork or beef but don’t let that stop you! They have a wide variety of lamb, seafood, chicken and vegetarian meals to choose from.
  • They don’t currently have a liquor license but you can take your own alcoholic beverages if you decide to have a sit down meal.

The owners are all about honesty and they appreciate any feedback from their customers. They will advise you and be honest with you regarding their food. They are passionate, hands on and their food shows that.


Address: Shop 5, Link Hills shopping centre, 3610
Tel: 031 763 1545
Cell: 079 220 0751

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