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There are many new food trends currently running the market and overwhelming us with an overload of information. I as an individual believe that there is no right or wrong and it all comes down to personal preference.

I’m sure we will all come together and agree that the single most unhealthy product found in almost everything you consume is “SUGAR”. I do admit that sugar is a part of my daily life and I often use brown sugar in baking. I am not one to banish anything from my life but I do try cut it out whenever and wherever possible. Life is there to live after all.

One of the steps I have taken to decrease my sugar is to cut it out of my coffee. From two heaped teaspoons down to a half. I am working towards no sugar in my cuppa, but that is easier said than done…

The Simply Delish range came along  and blessed me with a product sample box full of their various sweeteners, flavoured sweeteners and puddings for me to try. Again I was faced with the question of : Is this healthy?”. I spent some time reading up online on various sweeteners, most specifically Xylitol as some of this range uses this ingredient.

I am not here to tell you if it’s good or bad as I’m sure that you will draw up your own conclusion regardless. What I can tell you is that I would be happy to eat their puddings, use their Suki sweeteners for baking and to indulge my evening wind down coffee with a flavoured sweetener.

Suki Flavoured Sweetener Range

Hazelnut Flavoured Coffee

If you are anything like me then you would know that I cannot and will not cut coffee out of my life. I love many varieties and ways to enjoy that cup of black gold. I find that most evenings after a healthy balanced dinner I am left wanting something indulgent and sweet. This usually leaves me wishing I had let my urge to buy a chocolate earlier in the day overpower me.

I was pretty skeptical when trying my first cup of coffee with one of the flavours. Would there be an aftertaste? I cannot deal with the aftertaste most sweeteners leave behind on the back of my tongue. Well, hmmmm..?! These sweeteners are pretty life changing. The flavour is there, the sweet craving is fulfilled and I am not left feeling guilty for eating a whole slab of chocolate to myself. Now the only choice I am left with making is what flavour I will be having next?

*This product is Kosher & Halaal, No sugar,artificial sweeteners and preservatives. Low in calories and carbs.

Instant Puddings


Instant puddings are one of the most versatile desserts to prepare. You can enjoy the simplicity of it, use it as a filling in a cake, substitute in baking, heat it for that warm fuzzy feeling or dress it up with other ingredients for that last minute dinner party. Whatever your preference or environment, it really does’t matter when you have so many flavours to enjoy.

The Simply Delish Intsant Puddings ZERO Range come in a variety of different flavours: Strawberry, chocolate, caramel, vanilla, cheesecake, toffee coffee and hazelnut.

These are: Gluten Free – Preservative Free – Strict Vegetarian – Natural Colours

Their regular instant puddings come in chocolate and vanilla.

These are: Gluten Free – Preservative Free – Strict Vegetarian

Now to the most important part, the taste.

I decided to try the chocolate flavour first as I am the epitome of a chocoholic. I followed the easy instructions and mixed up this batch before heading off to work. The mixture filled up 3 large ramekins comfortably and could easily serve 4. I popped them in the fridge and off I went about my daily routine. After dinner when that sweet craving hit I was ready for it! The pudding is DELICIOUS!! It’s right on point taste wise and doesn’t feel very healthy, which is a good thing.

I have a few of these puddings left that I will be playing around with over time, so keep your eyes on my Facebook page for more fun ideas.


Where can I buy these products?

  1. Product range can be found at Pick and Pay, Dischem, SPAR and other leading retailers.
  2. Head over to their website and contact them directly regarding any questions you may have:
  3. For any news, competitions or promotions head over to their Facebook Page.

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