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Day 2

Yesterday ended off well and I felt like I was acing this detox so far. Today I am certainly more tired and am dealing with a slightly annoying headache. But hey, nothing extreme. I’m hoping to continue this cleanse with ease and to finish strong.

I started off with the same “punch” juice as yesterday whilst driving to work. I opted to try one of the detoxing teas I have been given with my pack, but was unable drink it. I’m a big baby when it comes to various spicy teas, so I stuck to my cup of Rooibos. Thank goodness Rooibos tea doesn’t contain caffeine and is allowed on this cleanse program.

Today I am following the same program as yesterday except for the dinner and bedtime juices.

My dinner juice is my most important juice for the day. The LOAD juice contains: beetroot, spinach, apple, carrot, broccoli and lemon.

  • Packed with vitamins&minerals such as: calcium, iron, potassium, selenium, folic acid and chlorophyll.
  • Loaded with Vitamin A: boosts immune system and helps maintain healthy skin, eyes and bones.
  • The beets are a natural blood builder and a great source of carotenoids (anticancer).

I receive daily emails from Saya preparing and encouraging me for the day ahead. Today I have to avoid the little voice in my head saying “I want certain food“. It’s a rainy day in Durban and I can think of nothing better than jumping into bed with some popcorn, pizza and chocolate. I will fight the urge Saya, I will fight the urge!

2:30 pm and I’m feeling a bit more upbeat than earlier in the day. The annoying little headache is still lingering but I’m doing great.

I am already feeling like the bloating is gone and that my body is starting to thank me for all this GOODNESS… One Day To Go!!!


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