Product testing and writing reviews is something I have always been interested in and kept in mind while starting my blog. With the vast amount of brands out there it’s always a difficult task to select the products that I feel will suite my image. Working with these brands is an exciting new venture for me and I am sure will be very beneficial to my readers.

NuMe is an addition to the ever so popular NuSeed range that focuses on low carb and gluten free products. With the demand for healthy products to support the growing number of people making lifestyle changes, this brand was born.

What I respect about this brand is that they try and source the most natural ingredients for their range. There is nothing that bothers me more than not having a clue what the ingredients on the list mean. From this aspect I was instantly impressed.

low carb baking bread roll mix

Although I don’t follow a specific diet I am always trying to eat healthy, exercise regularly (twice a week) and limit my “bad food” intake. Generally we don’t have sweets and fizzy drinks in the home or buy unhealthy, greasy takeout. MacDonald’s who?

If you have been following me for a while then you would know that I cannot say no to a good burger. I decided to spoil myself with a homemade burger using the NuMe low carb bread roll mix.

The instructions on the back are for both paleo and banting diets. Takes the hassle out of having to substitute it yourself.

The recipe was easy to follow, didn’t take any effort to prepare and didn’t require and fancy equipment apart from a basic hand-mixer.

I was pretty nervous about rolling the dough into balls with my hands but found it very manageable and not too sticky. The baking temperature and time were spot on and the rolls came out better than I expected.

Eating the burger as a whole was very satisfying and the best substitute for a roll that I have had so far. Even my husband was pleasantly surprised. That says a lot about them as he went beforehand to buy some ‘Normal” rolls for himself and ended up loving the NuMe rolls.


low carb baking plain cake in a cup

My sweet tooth has been out of control since coming back from Bali and I have started looking at alternatives to fulfill that craving when it gets too much. I am all for a chocolate here and there but when I start wanting one everyday it becomes a problem.

A healthy dessert alternative that is quick and easy to prepare is something that I will happily keep in the home.

I tried the plain Nume cake in a cup as it is very versatile in terms of adding the flavours you are craving. When trying it out for the first time without any added extras I must admit that it was a little too eggy for me. With a few added ingredients it does have the potential to be something yummy. Following that I decided to interpret this product in my own personal way.

I added some healthy dark cocoa powder to make it indulgent, roughly 2 TBS. Instead of the sweetening agents suggested I opted for half a TBS Blackstrap molasses as I love the flavour of it. It is however an acquired taste.

I topped it with Woolworths fresh cream custard. It does turn it into a partial cheat dessert but its well worth a dollop or two.




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    1. Hi Yasmin, I only did a review for the range. Follow the links I have provided to see their website with full product range.

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